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A Better Experience At A Better Price

In 1991 Roland Introduced the first desktop sign cutting machine called the PNC-1000 and it sold for over $2,500. At that time we would bundle with the Apple Mac Classic loaded with 4 megs of RAM and a 250 meg hard drive. Now 23 years later we are working with the latest technology that includes Wide format Solvent based, Dye-Sublimation, UV based systems including the popular large format UV Flatbed printers.

A lot has changed in the industry over the last 23 years, but we have never lost our passion to try our hardest to provide the best possible service. We care about our customers and are always willing to put in the extra effort to keep them coming back. Perhaps that is why over 80% of all our hardware sales are from repeat customers and referrals. We continue to improve our service and support while providing you with the lowest possible price.

We are the only company in the entire Midwest that can provide a showroom where you can come in for a demonstrations on the latest printers, cutters, laminators, heat presses, Flatbeds and dye-sublimation devices from the top names in the industry.

Our philosophy is rather simple. 'Make the customer HAPPY" so they will want to do business with you again. Every day, every time, make the customer happy. If the customer is happy, they will come back. Our business is more about the relationship we have with our customers than just being 5 cents cheaper than the guy down the street. Our customers want the best deal with the best service. You will get both when you call the Sign Outlet Store.

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