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Avery Wrap Vinyl
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Avery MPI 2005 EZ-RS

  • Easy apply- RS 3.4 mil.
  • Low Gloss Calendared
  • 6 year durable

Avery MPI 2105 EZ-RS

  • Easy Apply RS
  • 3.1 mil low gloss calendared
  • 5 year durability

Avery MPI 2528

Avery HP MPI 2528 Perforated Window Film 50/50 is a perforated flexible calendered film for use on exterior-mount one-way visual panels. Graphics printed on this material are visible from the front and “invisible” from the back when mounted on windows. HP MPI 2528’s 50/50 perforation pattern provides an open area of 50% allowing for the best possible visibility through a one-way graphic panel. This film is intended for vehicle windows or applications where visibility through the graphic is important.

Avery MPI 2728 Perforated 65/35

  • 7.0 mil Perforated Flexible calendared
  • Up to 3 year durable indoor - 1 year outdoor

Avery MPI 2903

Permanent, gloss gray polymeric self-adhesive vinyl films especially designed for super wide format inkjet printers using eco/mild solvent inks.

Avery MPI 1105 EZ-RS

Avery Dennison has launched MPI 1105, the next generation of digital Supercast wrapping films for all vehicle and outdoor graphics needs.

  • Eliminate wrinkles and bubbles for quick and easy installation over complex curves and deep recesses with our Easy Apply and Easy Apply RS technology.
  • Increased customer satisfaction with vibrant printed wrapping graphics and colors that pop.
  • Clean removability after long-term lifespan.
  • Feel confident in your projects with the backing of the Avery Dennison ICS Warranty and technical support from our Avery Dennison ADvantage: Technical Excellence team.
  • Protect demanding outdoor applications from scratching, UV and heat with the DOLZ series.

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