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<!001>12" Siser Easyweed
12" Siser Easyweed

12" wide rolls in a variety of lengths, including by the yard! Great for smaller cutters like Cricut and Silhouette.
<!002>15" Siser Easyweed
15" Siser Easyweed

15" wide rolls in a variety of lengths. Great for our 15" Graphtec cutter users, or other mid-size commercial cutters.
<!003>20" Siser Easyweed
20" Siser Easyweed

20" wide rolls in a variety of lengths. Great for our 24" Graphtec cutter users, or other mid-size commercial cutters.
<!004>Easyweed Glow in the Dark
Easyweed Glow in the Dark

20" wide rolls in a variety of lengths. Spice up your HTV designs using this CPSIA Certified Glow in the dark HTV!
<!005>20" Siser Glitter
20" Siser Glitter

20" wide rolls in a variety of lengths. Add sparkles to your HTV designs, this glitter shines bright like a diamond!
<!006>ThermoFlex Plus
ThermoFlex Plus

ThermoFlex® Plus is a durable polyurethane based material that is highly flexible. It has a soft hand and strong grip and if applied properly will outlast the life of the garment.

<!007>ThermoFlex Sport
ThermoFlex Sport

ThermoFlex® Sport is a durable, thick film designed to bridge the gaps in open-mesh athletic jerseys. It is designed for pressing at relatively low (300° F - 320° F) temperature and short dwell time (8-10 seconds).

ThermoFlex® Sport will NOT adhere to nylon. This material cannot be layered. This is a PVC product, which emits hazardous fumes when cut with a laser machine. Be advised that dye migration has occurred with low energy dyes in polyester and poly-blend fabrics.

<!008>Glitterflex Ultra
Glitterflex Ultra

GlitterFlex™ Ultra films are thicker than most of our other films, simply increase the downward pressure of your knife blade in order to ensure clean cuts and easy weeding.

Please note: the Holo Pink, Holo Orange, Rainbows, and Neons have limited opacity when pressing onto dark garments, so for best results please test the effect before doing a large run.

No nylon.

Application instructions for moisture-wicking materials:
Damp a cloth with rubbing alcohol (isopropyl alcohol), then gently apply it to the area on the garment you want to apply your design. Allow it to dry and apply your material. This will allow better adhesion to the garment.

Application instructions for dazzle cloth & shiny polyester materials:
We highly recommend that you TEST prior to doing large runs. Coated polyester can routinely cause adhesion issues.

<!009>Wild Fashion Prints
Wild Fashion Prints

Wild Fashion Prints™ are preprinted transfer materials in popular patterns that add fun to lettering, numbers or your custom design.

You can use Wild Fashion Prints™ with our ThermoFlex® and other fashion lines to add value and pop to your designs.

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