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Roland VersaUV LEF-12

Regular Price: $19,495.00

Some call it magic. We call it superior UV technology. VersaUV LEF printers print directly on a vast array of substrates as well as three-dimensional objects up to 3.94" thick ranging from pens and smart phone covers to signs, personalized awards, giftware, promotional items and laptop covers.

Choose from two models:
  • 20-inch-wide LEF-20
  • 12-inch-wide LEF-12
LEF-20 Benchtop UV Flatbed Printer advanced features:
  • Distance print mode produces outstanding print quality on curved objects
  • New idling technology ensures a quiet production environment
  • New height sensor bar made with non-magnetic material ensures compatibility with magnetic products
  • Job presets allow you to recall specific settings instantly for your most popular applications - 8 presets for the LEF-12 or 20 presets for the LEF-20
  • LEF-20 features new, more advanced UV-LED curing system to expedite production. Clear and CMYK print 2x faster than the LEF-12.
  • Patent-pending automatic ink circulation system minimizes ink waste.
  • The long-lasting, energy efficient UV-LED lamp generates low levels of heat for printing directly on a wide range of surfaces and three-dimensional objects
  • Advanced ECO-UV inks in CMYK, white and clear formulations cure instantly and are flexible so they won’t crack around curves and corners

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