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Avery Dennison Colored Wrap Vinyl

With Avery-Dennison colored wrap vinyl, you receive a high-quality series of films. Mechanics and specialist auto shops can use vinyl as protection for different cars, not only to prevent damage to paint jobs but also to block UV rays. The same film can protect boats from barnacles, salt, or water erosion. Some firms can use them to wrap entire buildings, so they can also block UV rays.

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With so many options, you want a specific wrap series for your business. Whether you’re seeking new ways to use protective material or incorporate trendy styles for your customer’s next vehicle wrap, we carry numerous options.

Avery Dennison Vinyl Wraps

Browse our selection of Avery-Dennison wraps to see if they match your vehicles. Always check our shipping options and see if you qualify for two-day delivery. We offer flat-rate shipping for your benefit on our products. Our wraps are sold in yard increments.

Conform Chrome Wrapping Film Series

The chrome finish makes any car look luxurious. It adds a refined edge, like many modern sports cars display. For that reason, Avery Dennison has several Conform Chrome series.

The Avery Conform Chrome EZ-RS Series has six color options while retaining the chrome look. It has an easy application design that reduces ripples or bubbles in the wrap during or after the process. In addition, the wrap demonstrates resistance to UV rays, salt, and humidity, making it great for tropical or hot climates.

Supreme Wrapping Film Series

We carry several Avery Dennison supreme wrapping films, all part of different series. They are designed with high-quality vinyl, and some will gleam as part of a car wrap for a long time.

If you want an ultimate shine, look at the six color options for Avery Diamond Supreme Wrapping Film. Each one will reflect light with a unique glisten. Use the light-colored options to deflect heat and make your vehicle cooler as a result.

In other cases, you will want a wrap that has a metallic look, as well as fine contouring. The Avery Supreme Wrap EZ-RS Brushed Metallic not only has that finish but also has a thick layer for protection. It will wrap around curves and recesses with ease, reducing the potential air bubbles that will emerge.

Why Avery Dennison?

The company lists itself as an innovator of design materials. Avery Dennison specializes in design and manufacturing where labels, apparel, graphic design, and printing solutions are concerned.

Avery Dennison wants to harness natural light and reflect it through the vinyl when it comes to wrapping. The tinted film can provide the potential for company branding or extra reinforcement against potential damage to vehicles or buildings. They also save on application costs for companies, reducing the time required for installation.

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