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Flatbed Printers

No matter your company’s size or printing needs, you could benefit from a quality flatbed printer. These printers feature a flat surface for you to place your to-be-printed materials on. They can print on a wide variety of surfaces, including PVC board, wood, aluminum plate, corrugated board and more. This ,combined with their large size, make flatbed printers perfect for signage and banners. At Sign Outlet Store, we carry a great selection of flatbed printers for small businesses like yours.

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Flatbed Printers for All Production Levels

Different companies have different production levels, and we have the right flatbed printer to meet your needs. We carry machines from quality, reputable manufacturers like Vanguard and Roland, so you know you’re receiving a product you can trust. Remember to contact our representatives to ask about the availability of particular flatbed printers.

For smaller productions, the Entry Level Flatbed Vanguard VR5D-E is a great option. This printer comes with 2 print heads but can accommodate up to 10 if you need to ramp up production. It can print on materials up to 4” thick and has 50”x90” maximum print area, making it great for yard signs, banners, and more. Single row print speed is 274 square feet per hour, and double row print speed is up 648 per hour.

If you have a larger production, the High Production Vanguard VK300D-HVT might be the best fit. This printer is made specifically for corrugated package printing and has an incredible production speed of up to 2,900 square feet per hour. It can print on anything from canvas to leather with print resolution up to 1800 apparent dpi.

For production levels that fall somewhere in between, we recommend the Mid Level Vanguard VKM600 T-HS. This printer has a max print size of 50”x90”, a mix thickness of 4”, and print speeds up to 1,760 square feet per hour.

Shop Quality Flatbed Printers at Sign Outlet Store

At Sign Store, we have all the equipment and materials you need to print custom banners and signs. We offer rental options so you can find the right printer for your needs. We also have low-rate financing options plus free local delivery. To ask about availability or for help finding the best flatbed printer, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to assist.