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Fluorescent Vinyl

Do your customers need short-term graphics with high visibility? Then you want to consider stocking some fluorescent vinyl. The material is designed to catch the idea from a distance, and entrance potential prospects.

We recommend using these films for temporary building applications and displays. The vinyl can provide an extra layer of protection from the elements if needing a replacement within six months. For example, at a public transportation stop, they can apply well to a shielded bus advertising pop display depending on the target demographic.

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Fluorescent Vinyl Sheets For Decals And Retail Applications

We carry a few brands that retail fluorescent vinyl, mainly Avery-Dennison and Orafol from the company Oracal. These companies are best known for their innovative solutions to common application problems.

We retail our vinyl by the yard; three different increments can determine the proper width for your application. Before making a purchase, see if you qualify for same-day shipping. Also, ensure that the vinyl that you purchase is compatible with your equipment before ordering. You want to simplify cutting and weeding if possible.

Avery-Dennison has the SF100 Fluorescent Vinyl series for your customers’ benefit. It cuts and weeds well while lending to temporary high-visibility applications. We can recommend them for holiday promotions and any seasonal displays. Managers and owners use the film to shield any displays as well because the vinyl provides extra protection. Transfer your graphics easily to the vinyl, with seven different color options.

Another good option for short-term graphics is the Orafol 6510 fluorescent vinyl. It is a 4-mil cast film that can display for up to one year. We recommend it when you have graphics that require high visibility.

Do you need a vinyl that will last longer than six months? Are you concerned about areas with low visibility, especially at dusk or nighttime? The Orafol 7510 can display graphics for up to two years if necessary; orange and pink fluorescents have a shorter life of one year. It has high-impact visibility and can conform to various surfaces, say for vehicles and bus advertising.

When To Use

These vinyl are best for short-term usage indoors, and when you have relevant messages. While some are designed for weather resistance and durability, most are meant to last for up to six months at most. Cast sign and craft fluorescent vinyl wrap will last the longest, but only up to two years.

The fluorescent qualities allow for a display to reach customers even at night or low visibility if designed for the outdoors. Those benefits can help you reach more prospects.

Invest In Fluorescent Adhesive Vinyl From Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store has vinyl that can help your customers with displays and custom designs. We believe that providing stellar service to your clients, as well as the tools that you need for signage or design, helps build value in the long run.

To find out more about potential films, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store will answer all of your questions about permanent adhesives and what fluorescent cast vinyl is best for your business.