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Oracal 651 Vinyl

Orafol series 651 has become the industry standard for high performance calendared films due to its proprietary formulation and construction. It's also known as Oracal 641 vinyl. Only 2.5 mil thick, this 651 offers six year outdoor durability, flexibility, thermal print compatibility, and a choice of 59 high-gloss colors.

The high-quality film is a good choice for moderately complex jobs that don't require the extra conormability provided by our cast films. It can be used with cutters from multiple brands, including Cricut and Xyron.

What Is Oracal 651 Vinyl?

Orafol Or Oracal 651 vinyl is a permanent adhesive vinyl, which is solvent-based. This means that it does not require heat for transferring and attaching the vinyl. The vinyl is called calendered owing to the method that the company uses to make it into a viable film.

The vinyl will last for up to eight years, either indoors or outdoors, with proper care. One cannot easily remove it, so you want to place it carefully and with purpose. If you must remove the vinyl, you can with a solvent but it will potentially damage what lies underneath.

You get water resistance with Oracal 651, as well as weather resistance. Thus, it’s a good option for car decals and automotive graphics because it can handle rain or regular washes. Proper maintenance is key.

Applying Your Vinyl

First, clean the surface to which you want to adhere the vinyl. This prevents any bubble issues and allows for a smooth application. You simply need a semi-smooth surface. Always take your time .

Double-check your weeding. You want to remove as much excess vinyl as possible. Cover the design with transfer tape. Remove the carrier paper after applying the transfer tape. Place the design on the desired surface. Remove the tape in a diagonal direction once you have smoothed the vinyl.

Smooth out the design with a scraper. Apply even pressure, and start from the center before working outward. Scraper size makes a huge difference.

Generally, try not to use fabric as a surface. While textile designs are possible, heat transfer will work better. The same goes for t-shirts, since those require ironing for applying the design. Canvas is one option, however, if you want to get creative with the material involved. You simply need to apply acrylic paint to preserve the vinyl.

For smaller items such as dishes and cups, we recommend that while it is water-resistant, the vinyl is not necessarily dishwasher-safe. The design will transfer, but wash these items by hand.

Refine Your Glossy Finish With SIgn Outlet Store Vinyls

Sign Outlet Store wants to prepare you with the right material for vinyl cutting. Our goal is to build relationships with our customers and provide easy-to-weed vinyls as well as other supplies and equipment. You can even rent a vinyl cutter machine for your business.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. We will answer all of your questions about solvent-based adhesive vinyls, as well as heat transfer options or die cutting machines.