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Oramask 813 Paint Mask Stencil
Oramask 813 Paint Mask Stencil

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The Oramask stencil film from Orafol can be used for multiple paint, spray, or stain stencil applications. Use the film for industrial or DIY purposes. They will protect your products from excessive spillage, and keep the process as clean as possible. It is good for when your application requires transparency and clean paint jobs.

Generally, stencil film is a one-use material. The edges are designed for better sealing than regular vinyl when you are using paint. You would have to use mod podge with regular vinyl to seal the edges, and stencil vinyl does not require that. Regular vinyl will also leave a residue when you remove it during a paint application.

ORAMASK® 813 Stencil Film

This rigid, transparent blue PVC film has been formulated for stencil applications, especially spray and paint techniques. It has a matte surface, allowing for a more subtle look for finished works. The film has a shelf life of two years.

ORAMASK Features

Low-tack, water-based adhesive.

Ideal for water-based paint applications

Smooth, flat, rigid substrates and surfaces

Large area capabilities; and applications requiring background visibility

For all paint and spray techniques on even surfaces, Matte Finish, Removable

Translucently blue-dyed stencil film (special PVC, 80 micron)

The liner paper for the stencil has a silicone coating. Meanwhile the stencil film has a 3 mil thickness. You can even adhere this to stainless steel. Pair with the following tapes from ORAFOL: ORATAPE® HT55, MT95, MT72, MT80P.

Best Applications For Stencil Film

Do not use the stencil film for wet applications; it may leave a residue on fresh paint, or a porous surface. Follow the instructions for how long you should leave the film; left on for too long and you risk additional residue.

We recommend that the 813 stencil film is best for facilities like gymnasiums, which have smooth surfaces, as well as for drywall and cabinets. You can even use it for wooden wall decorations as an option.

Note that stencil vinyl is not the same as standard stencil material. The latter is usually made of thicker plastic that can be used repeatedly. Stencil vinyl film is single-use, and cannot use presets on a vinyl cutter.

During the process, make sure that your surface is clean. Cut it as you normally would for weeding and apply accordingly. You want to peel away the film from the areas that you wish to paint.

If your application requires baking, remove the stencil film before taking that step. Often painted signs require baking.

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