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Roland Refurbished Printers

Roland is a well-known printer manufacturer, specializing in high-quality machines for business and home use.
They are one of the most reliable brands on the market today. We have refurbished Roland printers!

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Roland has been around for over 50 years and has always strived to produce quality products at competitive prices while maintaining top customer service standards. Browse our selection of Roland refurbished printers for your benefit.

Options For Refurbished Printers

With all of our refurbished printers, make sure to call ahead of time to verify that they are available. Our stock varies depending on the machines that we acquire, as well as the demand from interested customers. See if you would rather lease or make a purchase.

Do you need to pull double-duty with printing and cutting? We have options with printer/cutter combos.

The Roland SP-540 REFURBISHED 54″ Printer/Cutter Combo can help with that. Contour cutting is one of its specialties. The Printer/Cutter combo has a cutting force of 30-300 grams with downforce and a printing speed of 80 square feet per hour.

We also can recommend the Roland TrueVIS VG-540 Refurbished 54″ Printer/Cutter Combo. The TrueVIS VG series is one of the brand’s newest product lines that provides streamlined upgrades to inkjet printers. Use the 4 or 7-color ink modes for your benefit.

Do you need a more compact option for t-shirts and decals? Consider the Roland BN-20

REFURBISHED 20″ Printer/Cutter Combo. It can perform integrated printing and cutting.

Why Purchase Refurbished Inkjet Or Digital Printers

Many refurbished printers are as good as new. They are often models returned to the manufacturer for various reasons. Some reasons can be as simple as the customer need to liquidate their assets, or the various features do not match the business needs. A customer may have canceled the order, or the model was used as part of a demo.

What’s more, it is our policy to test, repair and maintain refurbished printers. Rather than sell them secondhand, our goal is to make them like new. That means replacing worn-out parts as well as any ink or toner cartridges.

You are more likely to find ink and toner for older models, allowing for availability, if you have such a printer. Newer models may not have as many options for cartridges, causing potential bottlenecks in your production process.

Businesses also save money when they use refurbished printers. You can get as much as fifty percent off a model, which can reduce strain on budget requests or existing capital. That can reduce your fixed costs.

Handle Contour Cutting With Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store has the equipment that you need to handle your equipment needs. We retail new and refurbished printers and cutters for your benefit. Our goal is to make you happy and will cater to your business operations.

To find out more, please reach out to us today. Sign Outlet Store would answer your questions about wide format printers and other brands. You can determine if you need a large format, or a smaller one.