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High Production Vanguard VK300D-HVT Starting at $219,995
Vanguard VK300D-HTV Flatbed UV Printer



VK300D-HVT High Production Flatbed Led UV Printer With Upgraded High Suction Vacuum Table

The VK300D-HVT is the big brother of table upgrades. Built with a custom milled aluminum tabletop made specifically for corrugated package printing, this flatbed will have your team producing at an incredible pace without the fear of curled substrates and head strikes. The vacuum table is made up of 120,000 1/8th inch holes and two 7.5 horsepower Spencer blower motors for maximum substrate stability while printing.

The VK300D-HVT is thoughtfully crafted for the corrugated box industry. A truly unique custom-milled aluminum table top combined with 7.5 horsepower motor blowers allow this printer to hold down even the toughest material.

With the VK300D-HVT from Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, you are only limited by your imagination.

You can print on:

PVC, Vinyl, Acrylic, Canvas, Paper, Foam, Coroplast, Styrene, Wood, Metal, Plastic, Glass, Leather, Stone, Brick, Porcelain, Rubber, Fabric, Cardboard

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