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Alumigraphics Adhesive Backed Vinyl
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Alumigraphics GRIP Film Alumigraphics GRIP

Alumigraphics GRIP Floor Graphics Film.

  • Sidewalks & Walkways
  • Entrances & Vestibules
  • Stairs, Aisles & Rows
  • Elevator & Escalator Entries
  • Parking Spaces & Curbs
  • Patios & Courtyards
  • Factory & Warehouse
  • Concourse & Landings
  • Exterior Walls & Facades

Here are some photographs of sidewalk foil decals printed from AlumiGraphics® GRIP media. Note the various surfaces they're applied to. Also important to note are the custom cut shapes. AlumiGraphics® can be cut with ease using scissors, die-cutters or plotter-cutters. Images look like they're painted directly to the surface they're applied to turns ordinary concrete into brilliant concrete graphics and turns asphalt into works of art! And remember, AlumiGraphics® GRIP surpasses anti-slip safety standards, both when wet or dry.

Alumigraphics SMOOTH Gloss Alumigraphics SMOOTH Gloss

As shown in this photo, Alumigraphics® aluminum-based substrate allows the graphic to naturally conform to the textured surface of this brick wall. Installers simply use rollers and fingers to work the material between the brick. For large graphics, Alumigraphics® SMOOTH can be overlapped or butted up against each other. The specially-formulated adhesive keeps the graphic in place until you're ready to take it down. As with all Alumigraphics® decals, graphics can be removed with little to no residue. Both install and removal is a snap!