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Corrugated Plastic Signs

Our corrugated plastic sign selection is designed to assist with your business needs. The material is designed to be lightweight and durable, which means that printers often need to stock up on it for interested customers. There are different types, depending on the layers and arrangement of plastic.

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It can also last a long time despite rough weather, owing to its neutral pH factor. Corrugated plastic can resist contamination from water, oil, and solvents, making them suitable for outdoor signage.

Many different brands manufacture corrugated plastic for various purposes. They have often been used for political campaigns, commercial advertising, and other types of communication.

Restaurants can also use them for menu boards, to advertise on the street, or to customers indoors.

Your mounting options also become flexible. Some corrugated plastic is self-supporting, while others can be installed with suction cups, tape, Velcro, or frames. Try to keep your signs out of the direct sun, and don’t leave them in hot cars for long periods of time. The heat can damage the plastic into bending or breaking.

Corrugated Plastic Sign Selections

We have a few options for corrugated plastic signage. Always determine the thickness that you would prefer in regards to the application. We have shipping options when you order five or more sheets, as well as curbside pickup if you are near the city. Social distancing is a high priority, to ensure that you receive your products safely.


Do you need to customize your indoor or outdoor signage for sales or campaigns? Consider Multipanel PVC, which comes in both black and white. It has a smooth, low-gloss finish and comes in either a 3mm or 6mm thickness, in 4’ or 8’. Cut them as you see fit, and find your ideal size.

In the case of precut options for plastic yard signs, you can review Corrugated Plastic Sign Blanks. We recommend getting these blanks when you are on a budget and want to get the most value out of your purchase. Most are 4 mils thick, and one selection is ten mils thick, and it is treated with 50 dynes to improve adhesion for mounting. This comes from the Corona brand, with bulk discounts for business days with heavy usage. Choose from yellow or white.

The larger options — 48*96 inches — are only available for pickup. These require a minimum order of five sheets. If you wish to receive sign blanks via shipping, then go with the smaller sizes.

Find More Options For Plastic Promotional Sale Sign Printing At Sign Outlet Store

At Sign Outlet Store, we are more than ready to handle your printing needs. We build relationships with our customers to provide the necessary products for printing. You can even rent equipment for printing if you desire and test different materials that can benefit your business.
To find out more, please contact our representatives about shipping options or printing in entire colors. Sign Outlet Store will be happy to answer all of your questions and help you reap the benefits of corrugated plastic.