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R-Tape Apli High Tack
R-Tape Apli High Tack

"Quick Stick" and true tack lifting performance, improved wet method performance and a comprehensive product range.

R-Tape’s easy to handle, standard high tack application tape

  • Clean Tearing: No more stringy adhesive! This is a High Tack tape.
  • Forgiving Adhesive: If adhesive side folds onto itself, tapes pull apart easily with no delimitation!
  • Improved Wet Method Performance: Holds up longer!
  • Eliminates Clean Up Time: Well anchored adhesive stays on the tape, not your vinyl!
R-Tape AT-60n Medium Tack
R-Tape AT-60n Medium Tack

AT-60n Exceptional clarity for registration, east to unwind, "Quick Stick" and true lifting performance and "No stretch" face-stock misalignment problems.

R-Tape’s easy to handle, medium tack, clear application film.

  • If adhesive touches adhesive, Clear Choice easily pulls apart with no adhesive delimitation.
  • Exceptional clarity facilitates precise registration of graphics.
  • Easy unwind eliminates exhausting application tape struggles.
  • The “Quick-Stick” adhesive system provides the necessary power to transfer stubborn vinyl graphics.
  • The rigid “No-Stretch” facestock minimizes misalignment problems.
  • The rigid facestock provides excellent lay flat to resist curling.
  • The unique adhesive system will not build or yellow over time.
TransferRite 582U Ultra Standard
TransferRite 582U Ultra Standard

  • Medium Tack
  • 4.3 mil total thickness
  • High grade saturated paper backing with superior adhesive technology

R-Tape Digi 4000 Low Tack
R-Tape Digi 4000 Low Tack

Specially-formulated ultra-low tack adhesives remove easily following installation.

  • Provides affordable print protection to prevent costly rework.
  • Makes handling of large format graphics easier.
  • Easy unwind for smooth laminations.
  • Easy premask removal after graphics application.

TransfterRite 782U Ultra Premium
TransfterRite 782U Ultra Premium

  • Medium Tack
  • 5.4 Mil total thickness
  • Premium, moisture resistant saturated paper backing with superior adhesive technology
  • For use in applications where dimensional stability, humidity resistance, or long term storage stability is required
  • This product offers superior adhesion to liner

TransferRite 1320 Ultra Clear
TransferRite 1320 Ultra Clear

  • High Tack
  • 3.9 mil total thickness
  • TransferRite Ultra Clear boasts a unique rubber-based adhesive system that provides superior adhesion to liner
  • The 4 mil polypropylene film offers improved clarity, dimensional stability and an adhesive system that will not haze vinyl
  • Unique clear film backings with a custom formulated adhesive for decal transfer and pre-spacing
  • Used where precise registration is required for multiple color overlays
  • Provides important benefits, including superior adhesion to liner, Ultra high clarity and increased quick-stick for fast transfer of graphics

R-Tape Conform High Tack
R-Tape Conform High Tack

Resist edge curl and tunneling; trouble free storage and transport; user friendly handling and a comprehensive product range.

Conform Series with RLA

R-Tape’s easy to handle, high tack tape.

  • Superior Lay Flat - Resists Edge Curl and Tunneling: Keeps Ready-To-Apply Graphics Neat and Clean. Presents a Professional Image.
  • Wrinkle-Free Field Applications.
  • Trouble-Free Storage and Transport: Stacked Graphics Will Not “Dog Ear” and Stick Together. Rolled Graphics Will Not Tunnel.
  • Adheres Better to Exposed Release Liners.
  • R-Tape Conform Series Premasks Frequently Eliminate the Need for Heat Vacuum!

  • User Friendly Handling: Pulls Apart Easily Without Delaminating if the Adhesive Side Accidentally Folds onto Itself.
  • Clean Tearing Without Stringy Adhesive.
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