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ProSteel Safety Ruler Under 48"

Stainless Steel Blade
Thin, non-sip backing
Ultimate Steel Yellow Safety Rulers Under 48"

This Ultimate Steel Safety Ruler is the perfect edge for razor straight trimming. Your blade slips along the steel with dead on accuracy. The stainless steel cutting edge is low and flat, so your blade won’t wobble. The Curved Hand Guard protects you from injury and is very comfortable and the High Tech Rubber Backing keeps the ruler in place.
Big Blue Safety Ruler Under 40"

  • Bright blue anodized finish leaves no fingerprints unlike typical rulers with mil finishes.
  • Laser etched markings in white that last longer than typical printed markings
  • Heavy duty aluminum-extrusion with excellent finger protection
  • Non-slip grip backing.
  • Purchase the Image One Straight Cutter Tool separately to make a cutting system with this tool that slides along the rail.
Purple SooperEdge Safety Ruler Under 40"

  • The all new stainless steel cutting edge gives maximum performance.
  • Its made of heavy duty aluminum construction and anodized Sooper Purple finish.
  • Anti-slip grip pad on the bottom of the ruler ensures stability and helps prevented any unwanted movement or slipping.
  • The curved aluminum finger guard is standard to give the most protection. We give you non-slip finger serration to keep your fingers safe.
  • Add a non-slip grip tape - This helps prevent unwanted movement without damaging the sign surface.
ProSteel Safety Rulers Over 48"

Stainless Steel Blade
Thin, non-sip backing
Ultimate Steel Yellow Safety Rulers Over 48"

  • Hand guard protects you from injury.
  • Curved guard is very comfortable and never pinches.
  • 14 gage plate steel embedded in aluminum.
  • Stainless steel edge.
  • Very wide base is the ultimate in comfort.
  • High tech rubber backing, ruler stays put.
Big Blue Safety Ruler Over 40"

Purple SooperEdge Safety Ruler Over 40"

  • Easy to use, makes work much quicker and efficient.
  • No Slip.
  • Protects your fingers from any cutting blade.
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