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Alupanel - Standard
Alupanel - Standard

  • Cut, Fold, Bend, Route
  • Sign making and out of home media
  • Shop fitting and design
  • Manufacture of point of sale displays
  • Trade stand designs
  • Transport
  • Partitioning, wall linings and suspended ceilings
  • Industrial Applications

AluPanel is a 3mm composite Aluminum/Polyethylene core, rigid sign blank with a 5 year guarantee.

Due to the excellent hard smooth finish, AluPanel lends itself extremely well to the manufacturing of signs. Alupanel can be digitally and screen printed, have vinyl lettering and sheet applied and can also be spray painted.

Alupanel - Lite
Alupanel - Lite

  • Exhibition design
  • Sign making
  • POS Displays
  • Retail design
  • Industrial design
  • Transport applications

Alupanel LITE is an Aluminium Composite Panel designed for use in advertising, signmaking and other projects where high load-bearing capacity is not required.

Featuring the outstanding Alupanel quality coating in matte and high gloss finish; Alupanel LITE has at its core our standard first class PE thermoplastic material. Please be aware that Alupanel should always be installed in the same direction.

Alupanel - Digital
Alupanel - Digital

  • Comes in white only (Satin/Satin, or Satin/ Matte)
  • High strength ink adhesion
  • Complete flatness
  • Can be curved and folded
  • Long lasting images can be achieved with far less fading

Alupanel Digital is a brand new solution for digital printing. A specially developed coating is applied to both sides of the panel providing vastly improved ink adhesion, far better than standard PE coating. The complete flatness of Alupanel Digital makes the surface and your design look absolutely perfect. Alupanel Digital can be machined after printing, with no cracks or damage to the surface.

Alupanel Digital is also perfect for traditional screen printing as well as for hand printing. After applying ink images Alupanel Digital can be laminated with special films or coatings to protect the surface further or create a high gloss effect. You can easily apply vinyl letters onto the surface in conjunction with printing.

Please be aware that Alupanel Digital should always be installed in the same direction.

Alupanel - Economy
Alupanel - Economy

Ecopanel Aluminium Composite Panels are a highly efficient, economic solution for all flat applications. It provides amazing value for money. Ecopanel is the obvious choice for short term projects using 4'x8' panels where no load will be applied to the panels.

All Ecopanel products have a 1 year guarantee.

Please be aware that Ecopanel should always be installed in the same direction.

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