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ElvaJet Dye-Sub SE 100 Ink
ElvaJet Dye-Sub SE 100 Ink

  • Specially formulated for transfer printing onto polyester substrates
  • Suitable for direct printing onto polyester substrates
  • High dye concentration – 30% average ink coverage savings
  • Exceptional printability
  • No cockling, even on thin transfer paper
  • Fast dry time
  • High transfer rates
  • Visual excellence: vivid, high-definition colors
  • Increased productivity: unparalleled print speeds

Prime Sublimation Dye-Sub Ink
Prime Sublimation Dye-Sub Ink

Prime Sublimation Ink is engineered for the most demanding industrial sublimation applications. Manufactured to Supply55 specifications, Prime Sublimation Ink is produced in a world class, ISO 9001/14001 certified facility and is designed to provide a wide color gamut with fast dry times.

If you're thinking about entering the dye sublimation market, give us a call and one of our experts will help guide you through the steps necessary. The addition of a dye sublimation profit center to your busienss will allow for quick and easily production of flags, banners (soft signage), exhibits and promotional products.

Roland Cleaning Cartridge
Roland Cleaning Cartridge

  • Roland Cleaning Fluid for ECO-SOL
  • 220ml cleaning cartridge for all Roland printers using Roland ECO-SOL MAX ink
  • Minimum of 2 cartridges recommended
  • Available in Max and Max2

Roland Eco-Sol EJ 1000cc
Roland Eco-Sol EJ 1000cc

  • Designed specifically for the SOLJET EJ-640
  • 4- and 7-colour configurations
  • Ideal for high-volume, long running print jobs
  • 1,000cc ink cartridges

Eco Solvent MAX Ink 220cc Cartridges
Roland Eco-Sol MAX 220cc

Winner of numerous industry awards, original Eco-Sol MAX remains the world's most popular eco-solvent ink.

Formulated specifically for SOLJET PRO III, VersaArt, VersaCAMM VS, VersaCAMM SP and VersaStudio BN-20 inkjets.

Eco Solvent MAX Ink 440cc Cartridges
Roland Eco-Sol MAX 440cc

Roland Eco-Sol MAX is a remarkable innovation in ink technology. High-density Eco-Sol MAX dries fast and offers a wide color gamut, rugged scratch resistance, broad support for uncoated and coated media, and three years of outdoor durability – all at a low cost per square foot.

Eco Solvent MAX2 Ink 220cc Cartridges
Roland Eco-Sol MAX2 220cc

**Max2 220cc CMYK cartridges are no longer available. Please purchase the 440cc cartridges.The only cartridges still available in 220cc are White, Metallic, and Cleaning.
Roland Eco Solvent MAX2 Ink 440cc Cartridges
Roland Eco-Sol MAX2 440cc

Compatible with SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640 and XF-640, VersaCAMM VSi Series, VersaExpress RF-640
  • Colors formulated for even greater density (CMYK+ Lc+Lm, Light Black)
  • Durability up to three years outdoors without lamination
  • Light black for even smoother gray scale gradations, more natural skin tones and the sharpest photographic images

Roland Eco-Sol Metallic Ink 220cc
Roland Eco-Sol Metallic Ink 220cc

Two Formulations:
  • Original Metallic Silver - Eco-Sol MAX for SOLJET PRO III XC-540MT, VersaCAMM VS and VersaStudio BN-20 inkjets
  • High-Density Metallic Silver - Eco-Sol MAX 2 for the SOLJET Pro 4 XR-640

  • Silver ink for premium applications and increased profits
  • Outstanding print quality
  • High density formulation
  • Exceptional gloss level and brilliance
  • Prints as spot color or with CMYK for hundreds of metallic and pearlescent colors
  • Performs with uncoated media
  • Silver ink cartridges available in 220 ml

Roland Eco-Sol TrueVIS 500cc
Roland Eco-Sol TrueVIS 500cc

  • Wide color gamut printing at a lower cost
  • Convenient 500ml replaceable ink pouches
  • No sacrificing color or image quality at production speeds
  • Pouches slide into hidden ink bay for clean use and less waste
  • Lasts up to 3 years outdoors with no-lamination
  • Super fast dry times
  • GREENGUARD Gold Certified Ink UL 2818

Available for:
TrueVIS VG Series Printer/Cutters


Ink for Sign Printing

At Sign Outlet Store, we believe in providing excellent customer service and having the products you need, when you need them. Because of this, we stock all of the compatible for every Roland inkjet printer including Eco-Sol Max, UV and dye-sublimation.

Types of Ink

Every type of ink is specific to the model of the Roland Printer. You can never mix ink type and it is strongly recommended to stick with the original ink configuration. Pigment ink is a vibrant and versatile ink with clear contrasts of colors. Eco-solvent MAX ink is the most popular and relatively inexpensive and perfect for printing on flexible vinyl materials, making it ideal for banners and decals. Regular solvent ink needs a large amount of ventilation, but eco-solvent ink can be printed in enclosed spaces without specialized ventilation. UV ink is extremely versatile in that it can be applied to a wide range of materials and dry instantly for quick printing. They are often used on large, flat surfaces like plastic or wood. Dye sublimation ink is used for printing onto fabrics containing polyester, and creates durable, vivid images.

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