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Thermoflex Vinyl

Thermoflex Vinyl is a durable material that more than likely will outlast the garment to which it adheres. Thermoflex is a good option for companies that want their branding to endure long and aid in specific brand recall. It is a durable polyurethane-based heat vinyl that applies easily to apparel and has a firm grip.

Most of the colors in the various Thermoflex series can layer on top of each other, with some exceptions. These exceptions include neon colors, antique silver, Old Gold, Columbia Blue, and metal flake colors. For the remaining tints, you can implement layers for a multicolored design.

Highly Flexible Thermoflex Options

Browse our options of Thermoflex Vinyl wrap. Our sister company Colorcraftvinyl has smaller order sizes if they are necessary.

With dazzle cloth and shiny polyester, always conduct a test print to see how the vinyl will apply. You would instead find out ahead of time if another combination works better for your conceptual designs.

Thermoflex Sport

Do you retail jerseys, t-shirts, and other athletic options? Consider using Thermoflex Sport for your apparel usage. It is best for open-mesh athletic jerseys. There are more than twelve color options available for your company branding.

Take care when applying this material, as it will emit fumes if you cut it with a laser-based machine. Dye migration may still happen if you are using a low-energy dye.

Thermoflex Plus

This series will not adhere to nylon, but it will to other fabrics or blends. Ideally, pair the vinyl with cotton, acrylic, wool, linen, or cotton-polyester blends. The material is not compatible with home irons; use with a heat press machine. Dye migration may also happen with polyester or blends with polyester if you use a low-energy dye.

Print or cut any images in reverse. Apply medium to firm pressure and use heat between 330 to 335 degrees Fahrenheit. When washing, use warm water and tumble dry low to keep the design lasting for as long as possible.

We sell standard Thermoflex Plus in 10’’, 15’’ and 20’’ widths, with yardage increments. Determine how much you need for your project. It needs to be applied within a window of 17-20 seconds.

If your design does not require layers but would look better with a metallic aesthetic, consider the Thermoflex Plus Metallics series. It consists of dark brown, gold, and neutral palettes. With a stretch and a matte finish, you get a rather pretty and long-lasting vinyl.

Browse Vinyl Colors With A Matte Finish At Sign Outlet Store

Sign Outlet Store is ready to help you find the proper wraps and materials for signage. We believe in providing stellar customer service, as well as the exact products that you need. Invest in custom design options with highly flexible material.
To find out more about your vinyl options, please reach out to us today. Our representatives are ready to answer all of your questions. Sign Outlet Store can find opportunities with the colors of Thermoflex vinyl as a heat transfer vinyl and other material if you wish.